Trojan Horse was a Unicorn is over but there is still a chance to feel the magic of this artist's event and that is THU TV, a video on demand set of content showing not only all the talks, workshops, interviews, fireside talks and more but a whole new section of shows that the attendees at Troia in Portugal didn't get to see. Check out the trailer below:

If you haven't heard of THU, then ou are in for a treat. The event takes place yearly on the Troia peninsula, near Lisbon in Portugal and is one of the few industry events that refuses to try and sell you anything.

It's a mix of workshops, mentorship, partying and mingling and there is nothing like it, although it seams to have had an impact and a few other events are trying to be more artist focused.

The secret to the success (other than Andre Luis - the organiser) is the location and the quality of everything involved. The speakers are top notch, from Adrian Smith to Victor Hugo, or Jana Schirmer to Ian McCaig. An event with names like these (and almost 80 more of the same quality) would be good in itself but THU goes further and makes a 'no VIP' rule. Everyone is encouraged to mingle, chat and share the experience, which is what THU is all about.

THU 2016 is still in discussion and may not happen, or at least not in it's current for. Maybe there will be a year out, or maybe it's come to a natural end but everybody who has been involved as a speaker, crew or attendee has been transformed, educated, inspire or befriended, so take the time to watch the trailer and if you are a part of this industry I urge you to buy a THU TV ticket. It's well worth it, even if it does mean you have to see some of my face!