RGBHQ Inspiration - The Expanse Novels

One of my more useful buying decisions over the past couple of years was a Kindle. This meant I started reading again, as the addition of the backlight meant I could read when I went to bed.

One of my major discoveries in the world of books has been the 'Expanse' novels from James S.A. Corey.

Corey is actually two authors, one of whom works with a certain Mr. Martin who writes those up and coming Game of Thrones books you may have heard of.

The Expanse novels don't have any dragons, but they do have a lot of space, and are easily some of the most cinematic books in terms of description I have ever come across as they detail the adventures of James Holden and his crew as they get involved with events that can only be described as 'other'.

If you liked Firefly, but feel it needs more ick, this is definitely worth a read, and also ignites the imagination when your in the doldrums

The fifth book in the series Nemesis Games has just been released. But I definitely recommend starting at the beginning with the first in the series Leviathan Wakes.