Do or Donut

I'm a big fan of many types and style of animation but it's often the quite clean, graphic looking ones that grab my immediate attention. Do Donut is a prime example of this in both look and motion, with clean lines and snappy movement. The fact that it's funny and well timed is important but if it didn't look good I would likely have never even noticed it in my feed.

It's short, fun and beautifully made so give it a watch and if there are any short animations you think we should share let us know in the comments


After three weeks of hard training the sugar addicted and not so thin astronaut is ready to discover the universe. ODD - Ident Producer: Anna Széles Account Manager: Andi Grósz Director: Árpád Hermán Art Director: Roland Budai CG Supervisor: Igor Bóka Modeling: Zoltán Bogdán Lighting / Shading: Miklós Polgár 3D Animation: Bea Ujj Sound Design: Studio H Join us on facebook: