Motion V2 - tool of the week

There are countless motion graphics plugins for After Effects, and the biggest problem is trying to find ones that improve your productivity rather than provide one trick which gets old quickly or is used once and then never touched again.
For the past week I have been using Motion V2 by Mt. Mograph which I bought speficially for a mograph job which I am currently working on. 

Motion V2 has given a range of options which have sped up my workflow as well as made managing a big animation job very starightforward - but has become useful on a range of other jobs. 
Offering toolsets for everything from keyframe easing control, easy  anchor control for shape layers, interactive rope, and advanced Null control Motion V2 is a veritable goldmine of handy little tools presented in a really efficient UI. If I had one criticism it would be that there are too many tools, (some of the photo effects are at best superfluous). 
I would recommend watching **ALL** of the youtube intro above, but for the paltry $35 being asked its a steal!