Don't Grind the gears

One of the hardest things about being a creative is knowing when to stop and take some time for yourself rather than the work. 
The biggest lesson I have learned the longer that I have worked is that if you feel burnout creeping in from the edges then walk away from the computer and do something else. 
For example as I write this I have been working off and on for 12 hours with more to do after a late one (1.15am) the night before, and I am about to stop working and go and find some good brain telly and the sofa. 
Burnout isn't just about tiredness - it can also suck the fun out of why we do what we do. 
None of us will ever win a prize for the length of time we worked on a project. We will win accolades (and a prize) for the amazing work we do, which was done when we were happy, energised and enjoying what we did. 
The other thing is that it is hard to find when you do your best work, I now know that for me it isn't late at night. 
If I absoluletly need to work late I try to make it mundane logistical work, as usually my creative brain is best during the day. I have friends , however, who find their best time is from 10pm-1am, try and find whats best for you as quickly as you can and also recognise that the job will be there for you when you are ready for it.