The Passion of Making

With the film ‘The Passion of Making’ Overgaard & Dyrman gives a glimpse of the crafting part of the creation of their Wire Dining Chair, showing the process, complexity and passion behind their debut furniture collection, the Wire Collection. A collection inspired by traditional saddle making techniques and metal work combined with the use of modern technology.

What we love about this piece, of what is essentially advertising, is the fact that it has a narrative. This is no assemblage of disparate shots that may look pretty but lack much in the way of relationship to one another. There is a story here. A story of craft, vision, production and love. Not many of this type of film have a solid resolution but this does and that is why, along with the perfect audio choices and beautiful visuals, we love it and wanted to share.

If you've seen any ad style films you would like to share let us know in the comments below.